This technology has proved to be optimal for products that require a functional as well as decorative coating, because they are subject to wear or because they are used in corrosive environments.

It consists of surface coatings of ceramic compounds having the following characteristics:

  • high hardness (2000-3000 HV)
  • chemical and colour stability (UV-resistance according to UNI 9397)
  • variation of the coefficient of friction with respect to the substrate
  • non-toxicity and biocompatibility (according to ISO 10993-10)
  • surface reproducibility
  • maintenance of basic roughness
  • increased wear and corrosion resistance (according to ISO 9227, ASTMB117 and DIN50021)
  • exceptional resistance to the aggressive action of many household and industrial products and to solvents according to the MKF test
  • wide range of colours: yellow, gold, yellow brass, steel grey, pearl grey, gunmetal, black, copper, bronze, blue, green, etc…