Injectors for Formula 1 engines with made in Brescia coating


A leader in chrome plating, Galvanotechnik of Gardone Val Trompia has been an accredited supplier of major European companies since the 1980s, when it entered the automotive industry and became a supplier to a leading world brake manufacturer.


Thanks to the experience gained with this prestigious Italian company, Galvanotechnik decided, in 2000, to invest in research and development of a new completely innovative technology to deposit a layer of hard chrome on injectors and injection pumps of petrol engines. After developing this new and innovative technology for the chrome plating of injectors, in 2006, Galvanotechnik, had its first contacts with Siemens, a manufacturer of injectors, later acquired by a major German group. Since then know-how has grown, along with productivity and high performance levels have been achieved.

Thanks to this internally-developed technology, Galvanotechnik is able to produce millions of pieces with CP and CPK, i.e. unique capacity and repeatability for any type of galvanic coating, and can meet and guarantee values higher than the 1.67 required by AIAG standards. In addition to the performance aspect, this type of chrome plating is, to all intents and purposes, “green” or “environmental friendly”, as the reaction of the chromium occurs in hermetically sealed structures and the exposure of workers to chemical substances is almost non-existent, as confirmed by the regular analysis of environmental pollutants, which show very low values unthinkable in all traditional chrome plating plants. Thanks to the use of much lower quantities of chromium, the consequent production of toxic and harmful waste is also reduced compared to all other galvanic plants. It is precisely the achievement of the combination of quality and respect for the environment which has allowed the company to approach the world of both Formula 1 and minor categories.


Thanks to its know-how, in August last year the company had the pleasure and the honour of welcoming on an official visit the managers and technicians of a major Japanese automotive industry, who then decided to include Galvanotechnik as a partner for the development of an innovative and ambitious project that will revolutionise the operation of petrol engines, bringing them closer in concept to the operation of diesel engines. The second half of 2018 will see the start of initial production. So not only brakes in Valtrompia but also injectors with a new technology which is the upshot of research carried out in recent decades. Among its customers, the company boasts the most famous Italian original equipment and after-market manufacturers, and in this case too Galvanotechnik has continued to invest over the years, updating not only the mechanics, but also the chemistry and software of its systems, always pursuing the ultimate goal of BAT, or “best available technology”.

SERVICE | The different methods used

Very small parts, amazing results

Heat treatment includes a variety of specialized techniques and procedures able to improve the properties of steels and extend their lifespan. Thanks to technologically advanced installations, Galvanotechnik has positioned itself as a leader on the national stage and managed to achieve unparalleled performance, with maximum precision and minimum deformation, as well as reliable and reproducible results.

The proposed treatments

Casehardening: a metallurgical process used to increase the resistance of steels to wear and fatigue (mainly torsion and bending). Nitrocarburizing: a thermochemical diffusion process whereby nitrogen and carbon spread onto the surface of the steel part, forming a surface layer of compound, and a diffusion layer.
QPQ: thermochemical treatment for the protection of ferrous metal parts from corrosion and wear that associates passivation obtained by thermochemical means with organic dispersion in surface layers.

Corriere della Sera dated 30 January 2018