Experts in heat treatments for over forty years


For more than forty years GalvanoTechnik of Gardone Val Trompia has been at the customer’s side to provide a perfect product from every point of view.


The company was established in 1975 in Gardone Val Trompia with the aim of becoming a supplier of the flourishing local arms production industry and this served as a springboard for the company, which then decided to enter many other sectors, such as automotive, textile machinery, food, pharmaceutical, mechanical engineering and steelmaking. Today its customer base boasts many of the most prestigious names in both Italian and European industry.
The company is currently divided into three production units: the first is dedicated to the controlled atmosphere and vacuum heat treatment of metals, with extinguishing in salt and oil.

The second is dedicated to the surface treatments of metals and offers a range of different coatings: hard technical chrome, with characteristics completely different from aesthetic chrome; chemical nickel plating with a high content of phosphorus and a co-deposit of nickel ptfe; black oxidation of ferrous metals and an innovative black oxidation for stainless steels.
The third is dedicated to the thermochemical diffusion treatments of metals.


The company then went on to include in its services the possibility of providing customers with finished products, and equipped itself with systems and skills to perform blasting and shot peening, tumbling and chemical vibratory polishing, alkaline washing, in solvent or modified alcohol, manual cleaning-polishing and protections-shieldings tailored to the pieces to be treated.

In order to certify the goodness of the work carried out, Galvanotechnik has, since its inception, equipped itself with an internal metallographic laboratory which, just like the corporate mission, has not remained statically the initial one, but has undergone several upgrades over time, necessary to keep up with the times and to meet the demands of customers. Today, in fact, the company is able to manage process controls, through chemical analysis by ion chromatography, colorimetry and through measurements with XRAY, magnetic probes or metallographic sample, on the basis of which Galvanotechnik then draws up the certificate of approval on delivery.


Finally, the company also performs carbonitriding, i.e. an austenitic casehardening process (above A3) similar to carburizing, with the addition of nitrogen (via NH3 gas), used to increase wear resistance and surface hardness by creating a hardened surface layer.


Nipox 95 nickel plating, and goodbye wear

Chemical nickel plating is a metal coating with high resistance to corrosion and wear, applicable on precision mechanical parts with complex geometries.
NIPOX 95 chemical nickel plating treatments, guaranteed by GalvanoTechnik, have surface characteristics that make them the number one choice for protecting the surface of mechanical parts. This is a brilliant coating of chemical nickel with a high phosphorus content. The metals on which this type of coating can be applied are varied: iron and steel; high-alloy or stainless steel; hardened steel and all aluminium alloys.

Ad hoc centre

It has an internal metallographic laboratory which is constantly updated.


The company also makes protections tailored to the pieces to be treated.

Corriere della Sera dated 30 January 2018